What to Expect at ISCC
Written by Mike Beverly
Tuesday, 20 August 2013 13:20
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Dress: It's casual. If you are comfortable in a tie or a dress, wear it. If not, it's okay. The minister will probably be in a polo shirt in the summer, a sweater and slacks or jeans in the winter time. We want to meet you, not your clothes!

(Pictured here: Church Clothes!)

Time: We tend to run an hour and ten minutes. Sometimes we go longer, and sometimes we go shorter. Television sitcoms tend to solve all of life's problems in a half hour- real life is more complicated and as a result, leaves more threads hanging. And we are all about bringing the real, life-changing Gospel to your life.

Worship: You'll hear anything from new songs that get air time on the local Christian Radio stations to "Old School" hymns. We aren't picky; what matters to us most is that the worship is a companion to our theme Scripture for the week, the sermon series, or the season. If it works with what we are doing, we play it.

(As awesomely as possible.)

Communion: What is with the crackers and the juice? If you don't know what it is, sit this one out. It's okay to pass the plate along. The crackers are unleavened bread, which symbolizes the body of Jesus. That body was broken on the cross to take our place as people who were guilty in sin before God. The juice is grape juice, a fruit of the vine, which symbolizes the blood of Christ, shed on the cross where he died. It is the symbol of a new covenant (agreement) with God. We eat the bread and drink the "wine" because Jesus told us to do this and remember him when we do it. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, feel free to participate. If not, simply take this time to be still, and think about the meaning of these emblems.

(Assembly Required.)

Offering: "I knew it! I knew it! I knew they wanted my money!" Relax, max. Offering is an act of worship for members of the congregation. We give what we have to God- partly because we take this opportunity to tithe (Give ten percent of our income to God) and partly because we know he can do amazing things with a little bit of money. A hundred dollars looks kind of small at the mall; in the offering plate it is huge. If you are a guest with us, feel free to remain our guest. Pass that plate along. If you feel led to give something to God, then don't let us stop you. Don't give until it hurts; give until it feels good.

(Remember the story of Jesus and the widow: It wasn't about what she gave- it was about what she kept!)

The Sermon: Mike will tell jokes. Feel free to laugh. Mike will ask questions. Feel free to answer him. Mike will begin sentences, quote Scriptures, and not finish the sentence- finish the sentence if he indicates that he would like that. Just dial in, and enjoy!

(Of course, there are other options...)

The Invitation: At the end of the sermon, Mike will ask that if any one needs to make a public decision for Christ, now would be the time to come forward. When this happens, people usually come forward during the song and talk to Mike. Afterward, they will talk a little about what kind of decision is being made, and what happens from there. If you feel the need to make a decision, but are unclear as to what you should do, contact the minister or the elders after the worship service. They will listen to you, pray with you, and help you to forge a new path in life. If you just have questions, call the church; e-mail us, our address is in the bulletin, and there is a contact page on this website. Or friend Mike Beverly on Facebook; he will be happy to talk to you!

If you have any other questions or concerns, talk to us! We want to hear from you!

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